Watergate Figure John Dean Blasts Marco Rubio Over Continued Defense of Trump

Marco Rubio was, at one time, locked in a furious battle with Donald Trump over the 2016 Republican nomination for President. The two traded insults for months with Trump calling Rubio, “Little Marco” and Rubio making awkward jokes about Trump’s manhood.

Samuel Corum/Getty Images

After such a contentious period, many thought Rubio would, at the least, be willing to call out the President when he did wrong. This hasn’t happened, though, as the Florida senator has developed into one of Trump’s most ferocious defenders. Over the weekend, former Nixon lawyer John Dean ripped into Rubio for defending Trump’s firing of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

Dean made the comments while appearing on CNN this weekend. Host Ana Cabrera asked the Watergate figure about a Rubio tweet where he wrote, “Col. Vindman wasn’t ‘fired’ he’s still an Army officer. He was assigned to NSC to serve the President who has a right to have people he trusts on his staff Sondland was a politically appointee. No point in having a political appointee who no longer has the Presidents confidence.”

The former lawyer reacted, “Well, you know, that certainly doesn’t apply to Vindman’s brother, who did not testify and who is guilty by association — by blood. So, you know, that’s the kind of silly talk that a guy like Rubio will use to justify this kind of action.”

Dean continued, “He knows as well as anybody that it’s revenge, that he was a vital person on the national security council, that they’re in the process of hollowing out the National Security Council, they’re removing maybe 50, 60, 70 people who they have slight suspicions might be leakers and might not be Trump supporters.”

Watch a video of Dean’s interview here, courtesy of CNN:


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