[WATCH]Meghan McCain Says The GOP Has ‘Serious Problems”: “People Are Starting To Jump Ship”

Co-host of The View and conservative Meghan McCain did not hold back in her analysis of the GOP on Thursday. Her comments came after President Trump admitted in a Fox News interview that he thought people should wear masks to protect against the coronavirus. This raised some eyebrows because Trump has been against the idea since the pandemic began.

McCain pointed out that the GOP was missing the ride. McCain responded to co-host Sunny Hostin who pointed out that masks are a political issue among conservatives and Fox News viewers. McCain said, “I think the point that Sunny was making is really important because she’s right, there are a ton of Republican leaders, including you see pictures of Liz Cheney posting pictures of her dad Dick Cheney saying, real men wear masks. You’re right. The hosts have really changed their tune. Sean Hannity said you should be wearing a mask out, and I think as goes Fox News, as goes the president, but what’s also interesting in some of these tea leaves.”

McCain pointed out that Trump could be in big trouble if Tucker Carlson turns on him since Carlson has the most-watched cable news show. “He’s really turning on the president and basically apologized for saying, Republicans, that we’ve voted in office are abandoning you. They’re not protecting you, and he’s talking about social unrest and the statues, but also the response to the coronavirus, and it’s fascinating to see in realtime this sort of shift away from President Trump. I do think [it] could signal that either Republicans think he’s going to lose, or are so disgusted with his response to not only the coronavirus, but a lot of the other issues going on because we have seen a lot of silence on Capitol Hill and from the White House in ways that have quite frankly been shocking to me.”

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

McCain went onto blast republicans for not doing better. She said, “I don’t vote Republicans into office to be silent and frankly flat-footed in the face of all this. There’s a problem in the Republican Party when Tucker Carlson is who we’re looking to. He’s not an elected official. He’s a powerful TV host, but we have serious problems in the Republican Party right now, and as Sunny noted, people are starting to jump ship, and it’s the fact that coronavirus is not getting under control in the way that other countries have.”

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