[WATCH]‘I’m A White Supremacist’: Man Gets Choked Out For Slapping Woman, Says He Supports Trump

A man who says he is a white supremacist and a Trump supporter was forced to close his eyes after being choked out for punching a woman in the face. The altercation occurred on Friday in Sarasota County, Florida. The video is making the rounds on social media and shows Nicholas Arnold Schock ordering the workers of the business to “call Donald Trump” in response to him being asked not to reveal himself to children.

Schock said, “I’m a white supremacist! The Aryan nation will rule the world!” He added, “If you don’t know Donald Trump, I’m not going nowhere.” Schock is confronted by a woman who points out that children are around, and he responds with an openhand slap. The man is tackled by several men who witnessed the slap and he is choked out.

Schock was taken into custody and held on a $620 which was revealed by Law & Crime.

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