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[WATCH]Disturbing Video Shows Trump Supporter Committing Attempted Murder On An Antiracist Protester

[WATCH]Disturbing Video Shows Trump Supporter Committing Attempted Murder On An Antiracist Protester

A new violent video shows a New Mexico Trump Supporter, Steven Baca, shooting and nearly killing an antiracist protester. The anti-racist protester, Scott William, and Baca got into a fight on Monday that turned deadly in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The fight began when Williams and other protesters tried to tear down a statue of a Spanish conquistador, Juan de Oñate, who operated in the 16th century.

The conquistador was known for his violence and brutal ways of treating Native Americans. As the protest was taking place four members of the New Mexico Civil Guard militia appeared to defend the statue. According to New Mexico’s Black Lives Matter, the NMCG has been hounded their movement ever since protests erupted over the police killing of George Floyd. Members of ANTIFA also say that they have evidence that the NMCG is in league with Proud Boys, Three Percenters, and they are saying they will be “stacking bodies.”

The video shows Baca attacking the crowd unprovoked until he is chased away. While getting away Baca sprays the crowd with pepper spray. Williams then hits Baca in the head with a skateboard. Baca responds by pulling a gun and firing. Williams falls to the ground and blood can be seen. Street medics come to the aid of Williams as the NMCG protects Baca.

New York Times reporter Simon Romero tweeted, this about the incident, “I’ve covered violent street protests in Caracas & Rio. Never felt as threatened as last night in Albuquerque. At one point an armed militia member taunted me for working at the NYT. No police were in sight. Why did authorities cede control of the scene to extremist gunmen?”

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The tweet is in reference to the police showing up late to the scene. It seems that the police let the extremist have their way despite arresting four of them without incident. Police used flash bangs and tear gas against protesters despite Baca initiating the attack.  Also, the police report apparently does not mention Baca attacking first even though there were numerous witnesses and video. The protesters say that this incident reassures them that their goal of abolishing the police is the right one.

Sarah, a protester, had this to say, “It’s not lost on us this happened in front of the statue of a conquistador. There’s a white nationalist militia, racist police, and a man who was shot. There is a history in America of violent policing from armed militias to slave patrols. In 2020, we were surrounded by armed men who brutalize people in front of the statue of an armed man who brutalized people 400 years ago.”

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