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[WATCH] You Love to See It: Trump Melts Down As Fox News Cancels Him For New Fave Ron DeSantis

[WATCH] You Love to See It: Trump Melts Down As Fox News Cancels Him For New Fave Ron DeSantis

Donald Trump’s split from Rupert Murdoch is really starting to wear on the former guy, as now Fox News has openly joined both the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal in turning on Trump and telling the truth about him. In a move a good seven years overdue, many of their hosts are beginning to reveal that not only doesn’t the Emporer have any clothes, he showed up naked from the start.

Revisionist history is a favorite of the right-wing, because there’s no narrative they can’t literally whitewash or twist like a pretzel to use as a new narrative (see also: “January 6th was just a tourist visit” and “What slavery? That was just some involuntary relocation!” ) so it’s easy to make it seem like it was their idea all along to get rid of Trump in favor of someone they’ve decided is just slightly less terrible. They’re finally turning on their bully leader to put a different one in his place. Pretty sure cutting off one head of the GOP Ghidra isn’t going to do much since they are so many left, but I digress.

His misery is my life’s blood

Trump is allegedly Big Mad over losing Fox News, not to mention insanely jealous of Ron DeSantis, which has already started with the pro-DeSantis OpEds on the Fox website. Tucker Carlson called him repulsive, Laura Ingraham is already doing her Eva Braunest to Mean Girl him back to his own cafeteria table, and Bret Baier keeps saying true things about him. Trump’s still got Judge Jeanine and Sean Hannity to bloviate at, but I’m pretty sure covering their own butts is about to become way more important to ol Judge Box o’Wine and Client Number Three.

Nobody wants to be associated with this much of a loser. And Trump can’t stand to be seen losing. The schadenfreude is going to sustain me for weeks.


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