[WATCH] ‘You Can’t Just Ignore BS — You Have To Shovel It’: CNN’s Brianna Keilar Explains Her Logic For Fighting With Trump Advisor:

CNN’s Brianna Keilar got into a sparring match with the senior advisor for the Trump campaign, Mercedes Schlapp. Keilar spent the whole argument fact-checking Schlapp’s claims, including, the claim that mail-in voting will cause fraud in the election. Keilar decided to revisit the segment again on Wednesday to explain why she took on Schlapp and her claims. The CNN anchor pointed out that death by coronavirus is “2000-times likely to occur than a case of voter fraud in any type of election.”

Keilar also had something to explain to those who criticize CNN for allowing the Trump campaign to tell their untruths live on their air. She said, “[Trump] is the sitting president running for reelection. He is one of two people who voters will choose to run the country.” Keilar also admitted to giving thought to critic’s assertion that allowing Trump’s people on their network maybe “giving life to lies.”

Keilar pushed back saying, “I have to disagree,” Keilar continued. “We have to challenge lies, we have to challenge falsehoods and conspiracy theories — if you don’t, they fester unchecked and unchallenged. You cannot just ignore BS, you’ve got to shovel it.”

Trump and his campaign have been pushing the claim that voting by mail will lead to major voter fraud, but experts disagree as it seems that voter fraud, in general, is not widespread. Every claim of widespread voter fraud has not stood up to scrutiny. Many points out that Trump and Republicans may be hoping to lower voter turnout to better their chances of winning. This is given credibility by the fact that every major Republican win in recent years happened when voter turnout was historically low, including, Trump’s win in 2016.

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