[Watch] Woman Told to Wear Mask, Starts Throwing Food in Latino Market

A white woman becomes livid when she is told to wear a mask inside a Latino store. The woman has a meltdown and starts throwing food around the store. The entire incident was caught on video and is making the social media rounds. The incident took place at Fiesta Market Dallas, Texas.

The altercation began when a manager respectfully asked the woman to wear a mask which set the woman off and she began throwing food. The food had already been inside her basket. The woman filming the confrontation explains what is happening in Spanish. She explained that the new “Karen” was angry about being told to put her mask on, in order to, checkout. This indicates that the woman initially wore her mask and removed it at some point.

The incident occurred in Texas which is a state that has seen a massive increase in coronavirus cases. The number has risen so much that Governor Greg Abbott has stated he regrets reopening the state. Many would point out that states that reopened to quickly have seen the biggest spikes. Many states reopened at the behest of President Trump over concerns about the economy. Florida is another state suffering a rise in coronavirus cases. The city of Miami responding by delaying their phase three reopening.

Many point out President Trump’s concerns about the economy over the virus has caused more deaths.

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