WATCH: Willie Geist Says “Pitiful” Trump is Crashing Weddings Because He Doesn’t Know What to Do With Himself

When presidents leave the White House, they often have a difficult time figuring out what to do with themselves. With a generous pension and big money for speaking engagements, they don’t really have to work anymore. And most avoid the public eye for a while.

[Photo by JOSHUA LOTT/AFP via Getty Images]
Donald Trump, however, is incapable of avoiding the public eye. The former president called in to Fox News multiple times this weekend to complain about Joe Biden. And Trump also was videoed this weekend crashing a wedding at Mar-a-Lago. Willie Geist called the wedding crash “pitiful” and mocked Trump for not knowing what to do with himself.

The MSNBC host began, “He’s crashing weddings at Mar-a-Lago. he walked into a wedding, did his photo op, and took the mic and he went on and on talking about how the election was stolen, he was tougher at the border.”

Geist continued:

“Can you imagine being the father and mother of the bride and this guy is hijacking the wedding at Mar-a-Lago. He’s shouting into the void. It’s easy to laugh him off, but this is still a man who holds great pull over a large population in this country. and if he would come forward and say, it is important to wear masks, it is important to go get your vaccination — he’s said it a couple of times sort of obliquely, but then walked it back.”

You can watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the MSNBC Network:


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