WATCH: Willie Geist Rips Bible-Thumping Mike Johnson For Showing Up to Trump Hush Money Trial

In the latter part of 2023, Christian-extremist congressman Mike Johnson became the Speaker of the House. He came out of nowhere to get the position after several other Republicans failed. All it took for Johnson to take over the position was to show unending loyalty to Donald Trump. 

It's hard to imagine that someone so versed in the bible would follow a man who has lived a life of complete and utter immorality. But seemingly for politicians like Johnson, the rules don't apply to the former President. On Tuesday morning, Morning Joe co-host Willie Geist called out the Christian for attending a porn star hush money trial. 

Geist began, "We should also remind people when asked for his world view, when Mike Johnson became Speaker of the House, nobody knew anything about him, he said, 'you want to know my worldview, go read the bible, that's what I stand for.'"

The host continued, "And now, today, Joe, he's down as the courthouse in lower Manhattan defending the guy who's on trial for allegedly paying off a porn star for the alleged affair he had while his wife was home with their infant son."

One might think that Mike Johnson would be humiliated by the scenario, but considering the congressman's past history with porn, he may no longer be capable of being embarrassed.