WATCH: Willie Geist Lights Into Trump, “Stop Lying to the People Who Follow You”

Republicans have tried to minimize the seriousness of the January 6th insurrection for months now. But over the last week, they’ve seemingly ramped up their efforts. The charge is led by Donald Trump who recently claimed that Ashli Babbitt was a “wonderful and innocent woman.”

Trumpies blame Joe Biden for Capitol attack
[Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images]
But as GOP lawmakers are making these sorts of comments, more footage came out that showed just how extreme the event was. During a Tuesday segment on Morning Joe, Willie Geist called on Donald Trump and Republicans to stop lying to the people that follow them.

Host Joe Scarborough began by slamming Republicans for saying that they support police. Hypocrites on supporting the blue,” he said. “Hypocrites on supporting the American flag, defending the American flag, raising hell any time they believe the American flag is not shown the proper respect. But you saw, in that video, American flags all over the ground in the video, picked up and then used as weapons of instruments where they beat police officers within an inch of their lives!”

Geist then jumped in, “[The footage] makes your stomach turn. If you’re still defending January 6th, you can spare us the backing of the blue. It doesn’t mean anything. Watch those videos. Watch those videos and stop lying to the people who follow you.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:


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