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[WATCH] Why Greene Continues to Make AntiSemitic Comments

[WATCH] Why Greene Continues to Make AntiSemitic Comments

[Disclaimer: your writer was raised Jewish and now identifies as agnostic/atheist, but is definitely still ‘culturally Jewish’]

Marjorie Taylor Greene has plenty of time to come up with new ways to get negative attention since she doesn’t do any actual work in Congress. One of Greene’s favorite new tactics is to be openly Anti-Semitic and then claim she didn’t say what everyone heard her say. Greene continues to compare getting a COVID19 vaccine to being in the Holocaust. And here’s a hot tip: never compare anything to the Holocaust, because nothing else is the Holocaust. It’s so easy to not compare anything to the Holocaust, most people manage to do it all the time.

But most people aren’t scared about the January 6th Special Select Committee sending them a subpoena to be among the first to testify about what they knew and when they knew it. Marjorie Three Names herself posted a video on the night of the 5th warning people of what was coming the next day. She’s not a smart person, and she’s talking herself into more and more trouble.

Except not only doesn’t Marjorie Manson think she’ll never get in trouble, she’s also going to keep doing it, because she knows the MAGA base loves their red meat with a heaping side of being allowed to act openly hateful. Anti-Semitism checks off SO many MAGA boxes, and she wants that to translate into GOP Georgia voters checking her name on the ballots in November 2022.

No reason to add this except to show an unflattering photo of a person who compared getting a simple inoculation to someone who suffered unspeakable pain and suffering in a concentration camp. Which is fine by her base.

What’s hilarious is that she got big mad when people called her a Nazi for acting like a Nazi.

But back to the main issue at hand, which is Marjorie Taylor Greene can’t stop comparing things that aren’t the Holocaust to the Holocaust to appeal to the worst people. Abby Phillip joined Anderson Cooper on “AC 360” to discuss why it’s not that Marge can’t learn, it’s that she just enjoys being like this. Watch their conversation, below.

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