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WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg Slams Bill Maher for His Constant ‘Wokeness’ Complaints

WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg Slams Bill Maher for His Constant ‘Wokeness’ Complaints

Most of the people that watch Bill Maher’s show tend to be Liberal politically. And for the most part, the HBO host takes the Liberal viewpoint on things.

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But Maher has long been tremendously insensitive when it comes to racial matters. And like many other comedians, Maher is obsessed with ‘wokeness’ and cancel culture.

This weekend, the two topics came together when the HBO host complained about the Black National Anthem being played at football games. Whoopi Goldberg took Maher to task during Monday’s episode of The View.

After playing a clip from Maher’s show, Goldberg remarked, “I think because we have gone backwards a good 10, 15 years, we’re having to re-educate people. We’re having to re-educate people about how women want to be talked about, how Black people want to be talked about, how Hispanic people want to be talked about, and yeah, it’s a little bit tough. Native-Americans, the Asian folks — these are all things that we — I thought we all worked together and got everybody to the point where, ‘here’s what you can’t say.’”

After new host Mary Katherine Ham defended Maher, Goldberg continued, “The great thing about freedom of speech is we all have the right, and if you don’t understand what’s happening, you have to have the conversation, but you cannot say that this is happening because people are woke. I was never sleep. I’ve never been asleep, okay?”

Watch a clip of the show below, courtesy of ABC:

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