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WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg On Why Putin Wouldn’t Invade Ukraine If “Bonehead” Was Still President

WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg On Why Putin Wouldn’t Invade Ukraine If “Bonehead” Was Still President

Donald Trump compromised in hack by Russia

Donald Trump has claimed that if he was still the President of the United States, Vladimir Putin would never have dared to direct Russian forces to invade Ukraine. Some of Trump’s most vocal supporters have agreed, joining him to blame President Joe Biden for the conflict. However, some of his biggest critics also agree — for a completely different reason.

Donald Trump compromised in hack by Russia
[Photo by Kremlin Press Office / Handout/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images]

As Newsweek reports, Nikki Haley appeared on Meet The Press this weekend to discuss Russia, Ukraine, and U.S. involvement in the conflict. She said that the United States was “late to the game” in responding to Russia’s aggression, but that Biden could still impose sanctions tough enough to have an effect.

She also declared that the invasion would never have happened if Trump was still in office.

Following up on Monday morning, hosts of The View discussed whether that was accurate. Whoopi Goldberg says it absolutely is, but not because Putin would have been too intimidated to cross Trump. Instead, it’s her assertion that if the previous president — who she calls “Bonehead” — had won re-election, Putin would have had no need to invade. He would, Whoopi says, have had Trumps cooperation.

“[Nikki Haley] said this would not be happening if Bonehead had been President. No, there wouldn’t have been any issue, because that guy would have handed Ukraine over to the Russians.”

Ana Navarra also chimed in to remind viewers of the fact that Trump’s critics keep bringing up in response to complaints from Republicans that the U.S. didn’t aid Ukraine sooner: it was Trump who moved to withhold aid from the nation, as part of a quid pro quo effort to have negative stories manufactured about Joe Biden, who was then shaping up to be his likely opponent for re-election.

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