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Watch: White Nationalists Storm Book Reading on Same Day as Poway Shooting

Watch: White Nationalists Storm Book Reading on Same Day as Poway Shooting

On Saturday afternoon, John Earnest walked into a Poway, California synagogue and opened fire on the worshippers. The 19 year-old white supremacist  killed 1 person and injured 3 more before he was apprehended.

Saturday’s shooting was not the only incident featuring white nationalists. During a book reading in Washington, DC, a group calling themselves the Identitarians, stormed in shouting, “This land is our land.” The Identitarians have been labelled as an extremist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

A video of the incident was posted to Twitter by user Catherine Wigginton. She wrote, “So this bullsh*t just went down today at Politics & Prose. White nationalists disrupting Jonathan Metzl’s talk on his book Dying of Whiteness. Point made.”

The full title of Metzl’s book is: Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment Is Killing America’s Heartland. The professor of sociology and psychiatry at Vanderbilt University took the protest largely in stride.

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After the nationalists had left the bookstore, Metzl remarked, “Does anyone want to process that before I get back to what I was saying.”

Prominent conservatives have attempted to downplay the existence and power of white nationalist groups. During a show in April, Tucker Carlson claimed, “There are probably about as many legitimate white nationalists in America as there are Russian spies. You could live your entire life here without running into a white nationalist. No matter what they tell you, this is a remarkably kind and decent country.”

The white nationalists, however, were out this weekend and demanding that their message be heard.

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