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[WATCH] White Landlord Evicts Black Business Owners For Protesting Police Brutality

[WATCH] White Landlord Evicts Black Business Owners For Protesting Police Brutality

In the state of Iowa, a white landlord, seen on video, evicted black business owners. What has so many calling fouls is the reason why. The landlord is evicting them after seeing their employees peacefully protesting in the area. The white landlord used the reasoning that looting took place in the area therefore, the employees should not have been there.

Stylent CEO Jeremiah Johnson tweeted, “We got kicked out from our business office space by our landlord cuz he saw us on the news peacefully protesting. Violating our 1st amendment rights and the lease. Please share this video! When other people protest for haircuts, it’s great! But when I protest peacefully it’s bad!!”

Johnson pushes back on the landlord’s reasoning regarding the looting. He says in the video, “I was protesting the right way.” The landlord responded, “I will tell you flat out. If there’s something illegal going on at a place that I’m at, I don’t want to be a part of it. I’m personally going to leave.”

“There was two different groups,” Johnson shot back.

The landlord responded, “All I’m saying is I think it’s poor judgment to be at a place where something illegally is going on. Whether you are a part of it or not.”

Johnson said, “We didn’t think that was going to happen. We were there for a peaceful protest.”

As protests continue America’s divide is becoming more apparent.

After seeing the video many on Twitter showed support by promising to purchase Stylent products.

You can visit their website by clicking here: https://stylent.mybigcommerce.com/


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