(Watch) “What Hannity Says, The President Does,” Claims CNN’s Chris Cuomo

CNN’s Chris Cuomo is someone who tells it like it is.  He is a hard-nosed individual who isn’t afraid to question his guests whether they are Democrat or Republican.

Last night on Cuomo Primetime, Florida Congressman and frequent Trump ally Matt Gaetz was on his show discussing the new funding bill which the President is expected to sign, before declaring a national emergency in order to fund the construction of barriers along the Southern Border.

Gaetz suggested that the funding plan was a “win” for the president, to which Cuomo argued, “I don’t know why it’s a win for him… Who knows where he is now that, you know, he’s got Hannity and Coulter and all these people in his head all the time, rent free by the way.”

Cuomo went on to explain that Hannity has been a friend to him and that he has been “incredibly persuasive and powerful” in the past.

“What Hannity says, the president does,” Cuomo insisted. “We’ve never seen that before. What he says the president does.”

Matt Gaetz then tried to write this off as simply Trump bouncing his ideas off of multiple people in order to get as much information as he can before making an ultimate decision, but Cuomo fired back questioning why Trump ignores the expertise around him — most likely referring to Trump’s advisors and intel officials — but runs to Hannity for advice.

“We could go on all night, as a statement against interest, of how crazy it is that with all the expertise the president is privy too, that he chooses someone like me to listen to about major policy matters, is something that I could really scrutinize all night.”

The exchange between Cuomo and Gaetz can be seen below:

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