WATCH: West Virginia Governor Welcomes Any President Except ‘Maybe Not Obama’

Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia has weighed in on Donald Trump’s intent to move the Republican National Convention out of North Carolina this year. Trump has said that he will not hold the event in Charlotte, N.C., unless the state’s governor, Roy Cooper, can promise that social distancing and occupancy limits imposed to limit the spread of COVID-19 can be lifted to allow a full crowd. Justice says Trump is welcome in West Virginia, as is any president — except for perhaps Barack Obama.

jim justice obama isn't welcome in wv
[Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

In the clip shared from The Recount below, Governor Justice says that Trump called him to say that he’s going to “go another way” with regard to the sizeable convention. Justice says he realized West Virginia wasn’t the most likely choice for the event, but that he wanted to put the option on the table.

And any president, we should absolutely welcome all, but, you know, maybe not Barack Obama. But nevertheless, we’ll welcome any president, you know?

Governor Justice ran for office as a Democrat, but changed his affiliation in 2017. He has previously expressed support for Trump, specifically clashing with the Obama administration on legislation to move the nation toward clean energy. Virginia is coal mining country, and energy regulations worried those who rely on it. Justice released a statement in 2019 thanking Trump for repealing regulations on emissions from coal energy, calling this “Obama’s ridiculous war on coal,” and expressing hope that Trump would, “in every way, wipe the slate clean from the Obama years.”

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