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[WATCH] We Told You So (Again): Trump’s SCOTUS Is About to Change American Elections

[WATCH] We Told You So (Again): Trump’s SCOTUS Is About to Change American Elections

There’s apparently a learning curve when it comes to stealing elections, and Donald Trump’s team has been behind it the entire time he’s been out of office. They can see where they made their mistakes–it’s all on video, thanks to that little group tourist visit on January 6th–and they’ve been working hard behind the scenes to learn how to cheat better so that it works next time.

Trump’s plot to dismantle the American voting system from within by using unqualified complicit plants is now out in the open, to the point where an actual bipartisan group of Senators has a bill ready to go to stop the next coup before it can start. TOO LATE THO, because Trump’s remaining loyalists have never really stopped.

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But I’m still not breathing easily when it comes to our votes being secure, because we have a Trumpy conservative majority on the Supreme Court that is so emboldened, one of its members openly joked about their abortion decision. Yeah, taking away our human rights for the first time in American history is just effin hilarious, Alito! Get bent twice.

Alito and the rest of the Death Merchants on SCOTUS–which most Americans no longer trust, I wonder why–are going to overpower the liberals, who’ll be forced to write angry consents. Ooh! That’ll do something, huh? SCOTUS is about to hear a case that would give state legislatures exclusive authority to set the rules for federal elections. What could possibly go wrong, she asked while typing with one hand because her other fist was in her mouth to keep from screaming? Maybe Trump gets away with stuff like this instead of getting told no, for starters.

It’s fine. They’ll just keep doing it because how can it be stopped when the majority of the Supreme Court IS COMPROMISED?

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