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[WATCH] ‘We Need a Federal Solution’ to Punish Trump, Says Former Fed Prosecutor

[WATCH] ‘We Need a Federal Solution’ to Punish Trump, Says Former Fed Prosecutor

The kids are not alright, and neither is their dad. The Trump Family is going through some things, and it’s only going to get worse for them and anyone who was in their immediate circle and/or employ. The 15 charges that have already been brought against the Trump Organization are only the beginning of the legal woes that will catch up to them with the Grand Jury still working to bring new charges in the coming months.

But will any of them see the inside of a prison cell like a few of their known associates already have? Anyone named Trump is currently a private citizen, and there are no laws preventing any of them from being held accountable for tax fraud as any other citizen would be. Could it be that years of getting away with everything has finally caught up to the Teflon Don and his spawn?

WASHINGTON, DC – OCTOBER 26: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (C) and his family (L-R) son Donald Trump Jr, son Eric Trump, wife Melania Trump and daughters Tiffany Trump and Ivanka Trump cut the ribbon at the new Trump International Hotel October 26, 2016, in Washington, DC. The hotel, built inside the historic Old Post Office, has 263 luxry rooms, including the 6,300-square-foot ‘Trump Townhouse’ at $100,000 a night, with a five-night minimum. The Trump Organization was granted a 60-year lease to the historic building by the federal government before the billionaire New York real estate mogul announced his intent to run for president. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Possibly, says former federal prosecutor and MSNBC contributor Glenn Kirschner. The kids may take the fall, but that’s not enough. Kirschner suggests that there need to be real consequences for Donald Trump, and said maybe there would be a “federal solution” to how to charge him for his years of either underpaying or not paying his taxes.

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Kirschner spoke with Mehdi Hasan, who was sitting in for Brian Williams on “The 11th Hour” and said, “It’s wonderful that New York has finally gotten off its duff and it seems like they’re indicting him for the New York state crimes he seems to have been engaged in for some time.” Kirschner went on to remind the audience that Trump isn’t just in trouble in New York: “It’s great that Georgia is investigating him for potential violation of Georgia state election laws, but he’s a federal problem,” Kirscher said. “He’s committed federal crimes against the United States and we need a federal solution. That looks like an indictment from the Department of Justice.”

Watch the panel discussion, below.


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