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WATCH: WA Post Scribe Says Tony Ornato is Trump Stooge With No Credibility

WATCH: WA Post Scribe Says Tony Ornato is Trump Stooge With No Credibility

During Cassidy Hutchinson’s bombshell testimony earlier this week, the name Tony Ornato came up multiple times. Most memorably, Hutchinson said it was Ornato who relayed the story of Donald Trump attempting to grab the steering wheel on January 6th.

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Since the hearing, Ornato has tried to push back on the information revealed. According to the Washington Post’s Carol Leonnig, the deputy chief of staff is not exactly a credible witness.

The reporter told MSNBC, “This is a person who worked as President Trump’s security detail leader, and the boss liked him so much he installed him in a political White House job. That broke every Secret Service tradition in the book because he stayed as a Secret Service employee, but Trump essentially had him directing the Secret Service to make sure that all of its campaigns events, all of his photo ops, everything that he wanted to do to get re-elected went off without a hitch.”

Leonnig continued:

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“Trump White House staffers and Secret Service agents have told me repeatedly, he’s a Trump acolyte. He will defend the president to the end, and he remains in contact with Trumpworld, so I want to stress that also Tony Ornato has indicated that this story Cassidy Hutchinson told didn’t happen. Well, Tony Ornato said a lot of things didn’t happen. He tried to say to the press and to me indirectly that the clearing of Lafayette Square was not done for President Trump’s photo op, that’s not true. He was at the center of that, so I take the points because they’re saying in their experience, things that we reported, Tony tried to deny.”

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