WATCH: View Audience Reacts After Jeff Daniels Rips Trump on Air

Known for tackling everything from comedy movies like Dumb and Dumber to winning Emmy Awards for prestige TV shows, Jeff Daniels has long been one of America's great actors. And like many other famous actors from this country, he has a terrible opinion of Republican candidate Donald Trump. 

On Thursday, the actor was a guest on ABC's The View. During his conversation with the panel, Daniels couldn't resist mocking Trump when he got the chance. 

The panellists were discussing Daniels' newest show, A Man in Full, which is about a 1990's real estate tycoon. Alyssa Farah Griffin asked, "In watching this, you can't help but draw parallels to another real estate mogul, Donald Trump, who likes to stamp his name on buildings like your character and likes to inflate his wealth and has a big ego. Did you think of him at all when playing this character?"

"But, yeah, that — the correlation is larger than life," said Daniels. "I'm worth zillions of dollars when you're not, and we're in a courtroom pretending we didn't have sex with a porn star."

After telling his joke, Daniels shrugged his shoulders drawing a loud round of applause from the largely liberal View audience.