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[WATCH] VA “State-Sponsored Rape” Bill Highlighted in Ad in HD-27 “#Invasive”

[WATCH] VA “State-Sponsored Rape” Bill Highlighted in Ad in HD-27 “#Invasive”

Hold Them Accountable Joins Forces with MeidasTouch in Releasing New Digital Ad Titled, “#Invasive”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Hold Them Accountable and MeidasTouch, two Democratic Super PACs, announced that they will begin a new ad campaign this week in Virginia for the upcoming November 2, 2021 election in House District 27.  Titled, “Invasive,” the new digital ad holds extremist Republican Delegate Roxann Robinson, accountable, for her radical vote on Virginia’s SB 848. The aim of the law was to force women who want an abortion to receive a physically invasive ultrasound, which some labeled as “state-sponsored rape.”

To view the ad, “Invasive” please on the image below:

Significantly, Virginia’s 27th House District has been a top battleground district. In fact, in 2017 Republican Delegate Roxann Robinson won by a mere 128 vote margin, and in 2019, she defeated the Democratic candidate by only a 189 vote margin.

A script of the ad, “Invasive,” is pasted below:

It’s one of the most difficult decisions a woman might ever have to make.
But Roxann Robinson voted to make it even harder for them.
As Delegate, Robinson voted to require women to undergo an invasive physical examination before having an abortion.
Adding one invasive trauma… 

… on top of another…
To keep the government out of our bodies.
Say no, to Roxann Robinson.

For more information please visit www.accountablepac.com and www.meidastouch.com.

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Hold Them Accountable will target Republican members of Congress who disputed the election results and attempted to undermine our democracy. We are developing a network of trusted messengers within each targeted district and state to create organic content for dissemination, allowing us to begin immediately to build a foundation of locally-based opposition to these traitors in order to weaken them and encourage primary and general election challengers in 2022.

MeidasTouch is a progressive Democratic PAC founded by three brothers, all lifelong Democrats, Ben Meiselas (35), Brett Meiselas (30), and Jordy Meiselas (27) during the quarantine.  Ben is an accomplished civil rights litigator, entertainment dealmaker, and nonprofit leader. Brett is an Emmy Award-winning video editor, and Jordy is an award-winning marketing supervisor. MeidasTouch produced over 200 videos during the 2020 election which have been viewed more than half a billion times and continued their efforts in Georgia with the same success. MeidasTouch has revolutionized political ad making and campaigns for the digital age and has amassed a following larger than any political action committee in the country.

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