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[WATCH] Unvaccinated Man’s Heartbreaking COVID19 Video Diary

[WATCH] Unvaccinated Man’s Heartbreaking COVID19 Video Diary

A Virginia man is chronicling his story of battling Covid-19 in a series of Facebook videos and says he made a mistake by not getting vaccinated.

Travis Campbell’s videos from his ICU bed show the dad in his toughest, most regretful moments. Campbell says he’s found the strength to use his platform to urge others to get the vaccine so they can be spared a fate similar to his. In a series of videos, Campbell has taken viewers behind the scenes of his treatment. They are equal parts devastating and maddening and should be used as a warning to other COVID skeptics to prevent them from suffering the same consequences.

A female COVID patient (Photo by Leila Navidi/Star Tribune via Getty Images)

Campbell’s blunt depictions of his struggle with the Coronavirus have ironically gone viral on social media, finally garnering attention from the national news media, although not from the more conservative outlets such as Fox. As Texas enters a Stage 5 COVID scenario and cases in Florida are higher now than a year ago at this time when no vaccines were available, hopefully more people will see Campbell’s video diary and see themselves in it.

“I messed up,” Campbell says in one of the videos, urging everyone who’s watching to get vaccinated if they haven’t already.

As of Thursday, there have been 35.5 million recorded cases of COVID-19 in the United States, with an estimated 615,000 dead. Unvaccinated people account for 99% of new cases, most of them a result of the Delta Variant that’s been spreading rapidly across the country. A new mutation, the Delta Plus variant, has already been detected in Asia, and researchers have also discovered a Lambda variant that has been shown to be vaccine-resistant in lab tests.

CNN’s New Day shared Campbell’s story with their audience in the hopes of reaching the unvaccinated. Watch the full segment, below.


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