WATCH: Unnamed Fox News Host Laughs as Trump Slurs Words at Rally

Former Democratic congressman Jeff Van Drew flipped his party affiliation to Republican at the end of 2019. In an effort to show his appreciation, Donald Trump hosted a rally last night in Van Drew’s New Jersey district.┬áThe state of New Jersey is overwhelmingly Democratic and Trump has little chance of winning there in 2020.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

During his remarks, Trump slurred his words, a somewhat common occurrence at his rallies. An unnamed host from Fox News, the network covering the event, began to laugh after Trump’s verbal misstep and that laughter was caught on a hot mic.

The laughter was picked up by Twitter user Acyn Torabi who wrote, “If you listen closely, you can hear someone with a hot mic at Fox News laugh as the President slurs his speech.”

Trump’s slurring of words during speeches has increasingly been covered by the media. A January 8th speech drew interest due to the President’s slurring, deep bags under his eyes and sniffing. Former Deadspin and Daily Beast writer Timothy Burke shared a video of the speech, writing, “58 times. He sniffed 58 times during his address. Here are all of them.”

Neither the White House or Fox News has commented on the video.

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