WATCH: Unhinged Stephen Miller Claims Biden Letting 40 Million Refugees Into the Country

At one point in her career, Maria Bartiromo was a reasonably respected host on the Fox Business network. And then Donald Trump became president. Now Bartiromo is a fire breathing conspiracy theorist who is continually being promoted on Fox News.

Stephen Miller
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

This weekend, Bartiromo brought white supremacist Stephen Miller on to talk about the situation in Afghanistan. At one point in the conversation, the former top Trump aide claimed that Joe Biden is planning on letting 40 million refugees into the country.

Miller began, “This is a double Biden disaster. He got rid of the Trump plan, the Trump conditions-based plan. And now Afghanistan is a terror wonderland once again, with terrorists just running around doing whatever they want to do. Have we forgotten so quickly the 9/11 terrorists were granted visas by our State Department? Have we forgotten so quickly that all that blood was shed because we weren’t able to secure our own immigration system? Now we’re going to repeat these mistakes again?”

The Trump flak then falsely claimed, “[Biden is allowing] every person in the world who is living under Islamic theocracy to move to the United States. How is that safe for us? But this open-ended obligation to take up every one of the 40 million people who would prefer to live here than under Sharia law is clinically insane! And we will rue the day that we made that decision.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network:

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