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WATCH: Unhinged Jeanine Pirro Claims Fox Colleague is Lying About Trump Story

WATCH: Unhinged Jeanine Pirro Claims Fox Colleague is Lying About Trump Story

The Donald Trump Atlantic controversy got much dire for the President once the reporting was confirmed by Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin. While Trump went on an attack against the reporter, a number of her colleagues praised her as ethical beyond reproach.

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One colleague, however, revealed herself to be no fan of Griffin. In fact, Jeanine Pirro went as far as to say that the National Security Correspondent was lying about Donald Trump. Pirro made the comments during her Saturday night broadcast.

The famously pro-Trump broadcaster began her rant, “Don’t lie to me! I am tired of lies. The absurdity of the claim that President Trump, even the Donald Trump I knew before he was president, would call fallen soldiers losers and suckers is absurd.”

Pirro continued, “From day one this president has spoken proudly of and has been supportive of the United States military and law enforcement. And like everything else, he doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk.”

The former judge closed her comments saying:

”Anonymous. No names, no attribution. No ability to even question their veracity. Good old anonymous. You have remember them. Anonymous brought you the fake dossier. Anonymous brought you the false Russia collusion delusion. Anonymous brought America three years of Hell as they leaked to overthrow a duly elected president.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network:


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