[WATCH] Undercover Reporter Busts Ted Cruz Bragging About ‘Leading’ Jan 6th ‘Fight’

Lauren Windsor, an undercover reporter for The Undercurrent, pretended to be a far right-wing voter and asked Senator Ted Cruz (Q-TX) why he “didn’t do more to fight for President Trump on January 6th.”

Cruz on camera brags that he “led the objections but the Senate voted it down.”

Bragging that he “led the objections” on January 6th to try to overturn a free and fair election. Cruz has been highlighted, along with U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), as the top leaders who “amplified claims of election fraud” that “resulted in threats of violence against state and local officials around the country,” according to an ethics complaint filed by seven Democratic Senators.

Wearing a camouflage cap, Winsdor hits Cruz with all the MAGA talking points. “You could have done more,” she tells the Texas Republican. “I mean, we all know that Joe Biden didn’t win this election. I know in my heart of hearts that Joe Biden did not win.”

Cruz repeats himself, saying “I led the fight,” but does not at any time say that President Joe Biden won the election or that he is legitimately the President. Instead, he blames the other Senators for him not having “the votes.”

Windsor then asked Cruz what he’s “going to do to stop Big Tech from silencing conservatives,” a fake claim by the right. “Big Tech” sites like Facebook have a history of ignoring their own rules and terms of service to give preferential treatment for clickbait while limiting exposure to liberal news sites.

Cruz tries to move along with the “gotta take pictures” excuse, but Windsor tries one more thing. “Are you going to stop Facebook and Twitter from canceling conservatives?” she asks.

“I’m leading the fight every day, OK?” Cruz replies disingenuously, putting his hand on his heart.


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