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WATCH: Ukrainian Diplomat Shares Nickname For Putin, Mocks Dictator’s Paranoia

WATCH: Ukrainian Diplomat Shares Nickname For Putin, Mocks Dictator’s Paranoia

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and his threats of nuclear attacks has invited speculation about his mental state. Whether his actions are the result of deterioration or merely the expected cruelty of a dictator, one thing is clear: observers suffering from his despotism feel that there’s plenty of evidence of paranoia and irrational thought patterns.

[Photo by Alexei DruzhininTASS via Getty Images]

As the Boston Globe reported earlier this month, analysts have expressed concerns about some of Putin’s out-of-the-ordinary responses tp COVID-19 (such as demanding the German Chancellor be examined by his own medical team) and the political risks he has taken in invading Ukraine. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper opined that Putin seemed “unhinged,” and others have assessed his current behavior as “not being pragmatic,” or said he seems to have lost a sense of proportion.

However, one Ukrainian diplomat appeared on the MeidasTouch podcast to put it more, well, undiplomatically. Olexander Scherba says that Putin is an “evil grandpa who is isolated from the world,” mocks his refusal to meet closely with anyone who won’t submit to an anal swab to test for COVID-19, and ultimately reveals that among Ukrainians he’s called the “bunker dwarf.”

“We call Putin bunker dwarf here. He’s just this evil grandpa who is isolated from the whole world sitting there and only meeting with people who will submit to these anal swipes…which is ridiculous, which is crazy, which is insane. He’s just going deeper and deeper in this rabbit hole, and taking his country with him.”

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