WATCH: UFC Head Dana White Complains to Fox News About Americans Not Going Back to Terrible Jobs

The COVID pandemic and the way it affected American life made a number of people reevaluate their career choices. Many in the hospitality and service industry, who work very hard and often make very little, decided to do something else.

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The Conservative take has been that people are taking advantage of unemployment insurance and would rather not work. But stories show that many workers have decided the jobs just aren’t worth it. And numerous studies have shown that American workers would rather have a steady job than collect unemployment.

That hasn’t stopped Fox News from continuing to push this line of messaging. Dana White, the head of Ultimate Fighting, recently joined the network to complain about Americans not “getting back to work.”

The MMA entrepreneur told Brian Kilmeade, “I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s blowing my mind. But you know what? Everybody that’s slowing down, everybody that is afraid or whatever their reason is, for not wanting to get back to work, not wanting to run their business, not wanting to get back to normal and full capacity, I’ll run you all over. I will run you over.”

White continued, “There has never been more opportunity out there than there is right now. I keep hearing about restaurants that can’t open all the way because they can’t get people to come into work. You know, you can’t get an Uber because nobody wants to go back and drive Uber. It’s a very weird time in this country right now. People need to get back to work.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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