WATCH: Two Conservative Pundits Bash “Lonely and Extreme” GOP Senator

During Friday’s broadcast of Morning Joe, Conservatives Matt Lewis and Elise Jordan blasted Josh Hawley for voting against an ant-Asian hate crime bill.

In the post Donald Trump world, many GOP lawmakers have tried to fill the gap by being as Trumpy as possible. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham have certainly humiliated themselves. But no one has taken is farther than Josh Hawley.

Today on Morning Joe, Lewis and Jordan were asked about the Missouri senator’s recent actions. Lewis answered:

“To put it in context, Ted Cruz thought this was a good idea, was persuaded to, ultimately, with amendments. Tom Cotton thought this was worth voting for, so these are pretty conservative Republicans who voted for it. Josh Hawley did not, and I think this has more to do with the fact that he is staking out, as kind of one man, nobody to the right of me turf, and this is not the first time we’ve seen this happen in the case of some confirmations, where Josh Hawley is just staking out this pretty extreme territory, and I guess the bet is that when he runs for president in 2024, one of these issues will be potent and he’ll invoke it, probably in a debate against Ted Cruz. But, yeah, he is a very lonely voice this morning.”

Jordan then weighed in, “I want to second what Matt said about Josh Hawley going out of his way to really out-Cruz Ted Cruz, which is quite something, and you have to really work hard to try to be more loathe than Ted Cruz, but Josh Hawley seems to have decided that is his way and his glide path to the Republican nomination.”


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