[WATCH] Two Bay Area Trump Supporters Ruin BLM Mural By Painting Over It

A BLM street mural has been ruined by two Trump supporters in the Bay Area. The couple destroyed the hard work of residents in the area who were given the blessing of the city to paint the symbol. Unfortunately for the two vandals, the police would now like to speak with them.  The vandalism took place on Saturday in the city of Martinez, CA. The mural was painted in front of the city’s courthouse by the residents who lived in the area with the go-ahead from city officials.

The Trump supporters showed up not long after the mural was painted to deface the peace symbol. Once they arrived the woman who was dawning a MAGA shirt began applying black paint to the mural utilizing a roller. She started working on the letter B and kept going. The man who was with her filmed her actions while shouting down bystanders. He kept yelling that racism did not exist and that it was a liberal hoax.

Things started to escalate and so the couple left, but not before witnesses could get footage of their truck and license plate. The Martinez Police Department is now looking for the vandals. The cops have stopped short of calling it a hate crime and it looks like they will be charged with vandalism at the most. It would seem that the man and woman did not realize that the mural was city-sanction and therefore is government property. It looks like this duo will be seeing the inside of a courtroom.

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