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WATCH: Turning Point USA Is Now Trying To Help Kyle Rittenhouse Get A Date

WATCH: Turning Point USA Is Now Trying To Help Kyle Rittenhouse Get A Date

Kyle Rittenhouse said that, after being acquitted on charges related to shooting two Black Lives Matter protestors in Kenosha Wisconsin, he just wanted to go back to living a quiet life. Instead, right-wing organizations have helped him build a small cult following — and now one of them is even trying to market him as the ideal husband.

[Photo by Mark Hertzberg-Pool/Getty Images]

Back in November, after Rittenhouse was found ‘not guilty’ on murder charges, he claimed to be done with being in the public eye. According to Fox4KC, he even claimed that he was considering changing his name and enrolling in college courses, and not revealing his location publicly.

Instead, he has appeared on a slate of right-wing talk shows and podcasts, and even made appearances as a public figure. Recently, he declared that Johnny Depp’s win in his defamation case has inspired him to try pursuing the defamation cases he himself (and his then-attorney, Lin Wood) threatened against journalists and others who reported on his case.

Now he’s appearing at a Turning Point USA event, and to all appearances, he’s looking to fill other parts of his life — he brings a dog with him on stage, and is introduced as a great potential husband to the audience at a Women’s leadership event.

“I want to talk a lot about what kind of man you should be attracted to…Men, your number one goal is to protect your family and to stand strong in the face of opposition from culture and evil and Kyle Rittenhouse is a man who does that.”

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