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WATCH: Turning Point Rally Attendee Asks When “We Get To Use The Guns” On Democrats — And Charlie Kirk Names The Time

WATCH: Turning Point Rally Attendee Asks When “We Get To Use The Guns” On Democrats — And Charlie Kirk Names The Time

Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA is traveling and holding events in what he calls the ‘Exposing Critical Racism Tour,’ denouncing Critical Race Theory and spreading his conservative alternative views on the matter. When he visited Boise State University, an audience member asked a question that Kirk quickly denounced — but then went on to validate with an answer.

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In the clip below, shared to Twitter by a student at the school, Kirk takes a question from an audience member, who wants to know, “When do we get to use the guns?”

In response to laughter around him, the asker clarifies that he’s not making a joke, he sincerely wants to know when it’s appropriate to start shooting people over election outcomes (or, in his view, a “stolen election”), and he wants Kirk to tell him.

Charlie Kirk immediately responds to say that he’s got to denounce this question, and says he’ll explain why. However, as becomes clear in the full video, posted on Turning Point‘s YouTube channel, he goes on to validate the question by giving a list of unrealistic actions for the state government to take, all of which amount to defying Federal mandates. He says the state should refuse Federal vaccine mandates, kick the Bureau of Land Management out of the state, and keep going:

“Idaho could now could pick and choose through the state legislature which one of the federal laws they think actually applied to the Idaho constitution…”

He also makes it clear that the reason he’s saying conservatives shouldn’t turn to violence immediately is only because that would “justify a takeover of your freedoms and liberties,” which he says is what “the other side” is waiting for.

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He allows a follow-up, in which the asker just reiterates his question: “I just want to know, where’s the line?”

Kirk answers plainly:

“The line is when we exhaust every single one of our state ability to push back against what’s happening…”

So much for denouncing the question.

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