WATCH: Turkey Is First Of Donald Trump’s Pre-Exit Pardons — He Won’t Say If He’s Next

During the annual Thanksgiving turkey-pardoning ceremony at the White House, Donald Trump cooed over how lucky the bird was to be served with a presidential pardon. When asked by the press if he’s planning to gift himself the same privilege, he walked away without answering.

Donald Trump pardons turkey
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

In the clips below, Donald Trump speaks at the annual ceremony in which he pardons a Thanksgiving turkey. It’s a lighthearted event, generally, in which a turkey is granted the special privilege of not becoming dinner. Trump, however, may have had the future on his mind — he introduced the animal, saying, “Oh, so lucky, that is a lucky bird.

As you can see in the second clip, though, Trump was unwilling to answer a question getting to the heart of whether he was displaying jealousy: “Will you be issuing a pardon for yourself?”

It has been a question very much on the minds of Americans, as the votes are certified in state after state, and Joe Biden’s inauguration approaches. There have been many speculations from Trump insiders on how the president will handle his exit from office, including former Celebrity Apprentice insider’s guess that the whole First Family will flee the country, and former ‘fixer’ Michael Cohen’s prediction that the president will spend the Christmas holiday at Mar-A-Lago and not return to the White House afterward. Legal experts have debated whether Trump will issue himself a pardon — but the president only has pardoning power at the Federal level, so even if he does, it won’t save him from charges at the state level, such as those that could be coming from SDNY.

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