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WATCH: Tucker Carlson’s Trucker Strike Botox Tv Host Rant Is Genuinely Beyond Belief

WATCH: Tucker Carlson’s Trucker Strike Botox Tv Host Rant Is Genuinely Beyond Belief

Truckers are, without question, one of the industries America absolutely relies on. Without it, distribution of food, clothing, and even medical supplies would come to a near-halt, and there would be a scramble to find another efficient way to bring necessities to people across the country. This is a fair and valid point.

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However, when trucks deliver everything from clothing to food to furniture, one has to wonder why the number-one product on Tucker Carlson’s mind seems to be botox. In the clip below, he brushes quickly over the medical uses of the drug, such as for the effects of neurological disorders and chronic migraine, and sets up camp instead on the aesthetic use, the temporary smoothing of facial wrinkles, and in particular, for television news hosts.

However, if you’re wondering if Carlson could be making a little confession here, don’t worry — he very carefully emphasizes that he’s talking about morning tv hosts. Also, he couldn’t possibly mean himself, since he says the hosts in question would “look like they’re 58 years old — because they are!” when Carlson himself is only 52. Thus we can affirm that smooth-faced Carlson, is definitely only suggesting that Joe Scarborough (who is 58) is using botox, and certainly not admitting anything at all about himself.

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Truckers in Canada have been protesting over vaccine mandates imposed on them, but Carlson’s hypothetical protest becomes even more bizarre when you consider what he wants them to protest over:

“What would happen if American truck drivers decided they’ve had enough of people like Scarborough and went on strike?”

So, he thinks truckers should all stop driving, giving up their wages and hurting their own families….because a news host used the word ‘cult?’

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