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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Says the Nation’s Homeless Need to ‘Get a Job or Leave’

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Says the Nation’s Homeless Need to ‘Get a Job or Leave’

Tucker Carlson was raised in enormous privilege. His father was a well-known reporter and United States ambassador, and his mother was a wealthy heiress. Carlson was educated at the finest schools both in America and abroad.

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And in his 52 years on the planet, the Fox host had not developed one ounce of empathy. This was clear during a segment on his Tuesday night show. Carlson ranted about the homeless issue in America, demanding that the unhoused either “get a job or leave.”

The Conservative pundit began, “Everywhere, at every intersection, there are beggars. This is what we used to imagine India was like. But this is not Calcutta. This is New York, San Francisco and Austin, Texas. So the question is, what happened? And the short answer is our leaders did this.”

Carlson continued, “Politicians are making it much easier to be a homeless drug addict in the United States, and much harder to be a law-abiding member of the middle class. What’s the effect? Well, let’s see. The middle class is dying, and we now have record numbers of drug-addicted vagrants.”

The rant closed:

“Stop putting up with it. Say, ‘No. No, you can’t smoke meth in the park. You’re not allowed to crap on the sidewalk. Pull up your pants and get the hell out of here. Go somewhere with lower standards. Head for a place where politicians don’t care about their people, because we do care. And that’s why we’re hauling your tent to a landfill and cutting off your checks today. You are a drug addict. Get a job or leave. This is our city. You are not allowed to wreck it. You didn’t build it.”

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