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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Says People Using Fake Vax Cards are “Decent, Law Abiding Americans”

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Says People Using Fake Vax Cards are “Decent, Law Abiding Americans”

Over time, Tucker Carlson has emerged as the most anti-vax personality on Fox News. Of course he isn’t against vaccines, Carlson says, he’s just asking questions. But the pundit is always willing to defend people who choose not to get their shot.

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Recently, a number of people have been caught using fake vaccination cards. One of these sophisticated criminals was caught because she spelled Moderna wrong on the false document. These people have done nothing Carlson says. In fact, he claimed they are law abiding citizens.

The host told his audience:

“Now these arrests will be used to justify digital health passports for the entire American population. That is true. Save this tape. In fact Cyrus Vance has already enlisted Big Tech to help rout out the the disobedient in New York. Quote, ‘We need companies like Facebook to take action to prevent the fraud happening on their platforms,’ Vance said. ‘Making, selling, and purchasing forged vaccination cards are serious crimes with serious public safety consequences.’ End quote.

Except that’s a lie. Buying a fake vaccination card is not a, quote, ‘serious crime.’ It’s not even close to a serious crime. Buying a fake vaccination card is an act of desperation by decent, law-abiding Americans who have been forced into a corner by tyrants. You know what’s a serious crime? Forcing Americans to take drugs they don’t need or want. That’s a very serious crime. And let’s hope, in the end, someone is punished for it, severely.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below:

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