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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Says Focusing on Biden’s Mental Health has Been a Mistake

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Says Focusing on Biden’s Mental Health has Been a Mistake

For months now, the GOP and Conservative media have promoted the idea that Joe Biden is in mental decline. Fox News prime time anchor Tucker Carlson was one of the main pushers of the story. He also frequently hosted guests like Brit Hume who would question Biden’s mental competence.

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But lowering expectations on the former vice president has clearly backfired on the GOP. Not only has Biden seemed mentally sharp, he’s also discussed multiple policy initiatives in detail. During Tuesday night’s broadcast, Carlson lamented that questioning if Biden is senile was a mistake.

Carlson told his audience, “As a political matter, the main thing we learned last night is that it was a mistake to spend so much time focusing on Joe Biden’s mental decline. Yes, it’s real. Yes, Joe Biden is fading, we’ve showed you dozens of examples of it for months now. But on stage last night, Biden did not seem senile.”

The Fox host continued:

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“If you tuned in expecting him to forget his own name — and honestly we did expect that — you may have been surprised by how precise some of his answers were — not all of them, but enough of them. Trump isn’t going to win this race by calling Joe Biden senile, nor by the way is Joe Biden going to win by calling Donald Trump a racist, as he repeatedly did last night. That slander didn’t work four years ago, it will not work now.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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