WATCH: Tucker Carlson Rips Into Fellow Conservative Ben Shapiro

For the last decade, Ben Shapiro and Tucker Carlson have been two of the most recognizable members of Conservative media. But it seems that the two of them don't like each other very much. 

The main issue between the two of them has to do with their differing views on the Israel/Gaza conflict. When host Saagar Enjeti asked about being criticized by Shapiro, Carlson responded:

"Like, stuff that could destroy the country for real and make it impossible for my kids to live here. They’ve said nothing about that, and they’re focused with laser intensity on foreign conflicts that I’m like, at some point I’ve got four kids. If I’m so caught up in the problems of my neighbor’s children and completely ignoring my own children as they get addicted to drugs and kill themselves, you know."

The former Fox pundit continued, "And they don’t care about the country at all. And that’s, you know, that’s kind of their prerogative. But I do. Because I have no choice, because I’m from here, my family’s been here hundreds of years, I plan to stay here."

Carlson closed his rant, "I’m shocked by how little they care about the country and including the person you mentioned [Shapiro]. And I can’t imagine how someone like that could get an audience of people who claim to care about America, because he doesn’t, obviously."