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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Questions Ketanji Brown-Jackson, Cory Booker’s Blackness

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Questions Ketanji Brown-Jackson, Cory Booker’s Blackness

Over the last two days, Republican lawmakers have attacked Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown-Jackson. And most of these attacks have focused on her race.

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The attacks on Brown-Jackson are also occurring in the Conservative cable news world. And one can always expect the more racist takes to come from Tucker Carlson. Last night, the Fox host questioned the blackness of both the judge and Senator Cory Booker.

Carlson began, “It’s the Greta Thunberg play, it’s like we’re gonna bring someone on you’re not allowed to criticize. I have to say, her views really seem like those of every affluent white liberal I’ve ever met. If you want a Black candidate — I’m serious! I think the country would get better representation from — She’s just a carbon copy of everyone in the neighborhood I’ve spent my life in.”

Later, the Fox host played a clip of Senator Booker defending Brown-Jackson. He said of the Democratic lawmaker, “Another lecture about the Black experience from a blue-eyed Yale graduate who in fact grew up in all-White town, the son of IBM executives. Is there anyone on this planet phonier than Cory Booker?”

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Moving back to the judge, Carlson closed:

“That’s the whole point of the exercise. Because of the way that she looks, Brown Jackson, who again, is just a garden variety White liberal in what she believes, because of the way she looks, this nominee will get nowhere near the vetting of a typical Supreme Court justice. And that, whatever your politics are, is a shame.”

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