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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Promotes Theory That Space Aliens Are Butchering Farm Animals

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Promotes Theory That Space Aliens Are Butchering Farm Animals

Usually, when right-wing media starts talking about aliens, they’re using the word as a slur against immigrants. Still, usually isn’t always, and if there are two things Tucker Carlson is good at, the second one (after promoting dangerous propaganda) is branching out into new territories.

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Case in point: immediately following his Fox News special lauding the benefits of testicle tanning, he’s promoting another, and the advance clips for this one include a theory that extra-terrestrials are spending their free time cutting up farm animals. The evidence? Carlson’s guests, the Bearded Butchers, assert that the alien theory holds water because not many people have knives and butchery skills as sharp as their own.

“If these animals have been found with these pieces surgically removed, and you know, not making a lot of hack marks when they’re cutting, somebody knows what they’re doing…even finding a butcher that possesses those skills would be difficult…the prevailing theory seems to be that it’s some sort of extra-terrestrial activity…I’m not sure I wanna find the person or being that performed this.”

Carlson does squeeze in the possibility of a satanic cult, but ultimately thanks the men “for the reality check.”

The butchers don’t seem to feel that the interview misconstrued their views or cast them in a negative light, judging from their social media follow-up.

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Tucker Carlson suggesting to his viewers that there are visitors from other planets popping in to practice their surgical skills was probably not on anyone’s 2022 bingo card — but at least it’s a break from him promoting Vladimir Putin and Russian propaganda.

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