WATCH: Tucker Carlson Presses Clueless CMS Head Seema Verma

The current Fox News coverage of COVID-19 has drawn heavy criticism for minimizing the seriousness of the situation. Some of the hosts, like Trish Regan, have said that the illness was being used by Democrats to take down the Presidency.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Surprisingly, the host most nuanced in their coverage of the injury has been frequent Trump surrogate Tucker Carlson. During his show on Friday night, Carlson took the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services head, Seema Verma, to task over her lack of transparency during the crisis.

Carlson asked Verma:

 “I watched that exchange last night, and I must be honest with you, I was really troubled by it. Because you were asked a direct question by Martha MacCallum, ‘do we have enough ventilators in ICU units,’ and you appeared to intentionally not answer it, so I’m going to ask you that question again and hope that we will be reassured by the answer. Do we have enough ventilators to treat a surge in cases coronavirus right now, do you believe?”

The CMS head replied, “We have stockpile of ventilators. So right now today we are able to address people that need ventilators,” Verma said. “Our strategy though is to not make the situation worse, but there is a stockpile of ventilators. The president talked about ventilators today and said we’re going to purchase more to make sure that we have that backup supply.”

Towards the end of the spot, Carlson pressed, “You’re confident that if we had a huge uptick in the need for that specific piece of equipment that we could get new ventilators into icu units quickly?”

Verma replied, “It’s not just about having supplies. It’s also making sure that they have the flexibility on the front lines, and those are some of the things, those are some of the actions that we are taking to make sure that the health care system is prepared.”

Watch a clip of the interview, courtesy of Fox News:

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