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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Is Suddenly Worried About Ketanji Brown Jackson’s LSATs

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Is Suddenly Worried About Ketanji Brown Jackson’s LSATs

If a conservative can’t prove a point, at least they can always move a goalpost. Until President Joe Biden announced his nominee for the Supreme Court, many right-wing politicians and commentators complained, suggesting that the promise to pick a Black woman for the seat would mean picking someone without regard for their qualifications. Now that the nominee is named, and has a list of qualifications long enough to rival a pharmacy receipt, they’ve got to find a new complaint.

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Tucker Carlson wasted no time in doing exactly that, suggesting that when Biden’s White House shared Jackson’s history — Court of Appeals, U.S. District Court for District of Columbia, Vice Chair of U.S. Sentencing Commission, public defender, and Supreme Court Clerk — he failed to give enough information about her law school entrance exams.

If Tucker is trying to imply that Judge Jackson got into Harvard Law School for something other than her brains, he should perhaps consider that while her LSAT score hasn’t been made public record, quite a bit of other information about her education and success has.

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Bloomberg‘s report on the SCOTUS nominee covers her application to Harvard, after a school counselor warned that the ivy league school was a lofty goal, and her graduation — manga cum laude from Harvard, and cum laude from Harvard Law School.

(Carlson, by contrast, according to TheWeek, attended Trinity College in Connecticut, getting in only after his girlfriend’s dad, who happened to be headmaster at his boarding school, “pulled strings on his behalf,” and while his grades are also not public record, his exit was reportedly characterized in part by a failed attempt to join the CIA, after which he tried his hand at journalism.)

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