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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Is “Practically One Of The Cohosts” On Russian State TV, Says Media Monitor

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Is “Practically One Of The Cohosts” On Russian State TV, Says Media Monitor

Russia’s propaganda television networks have played clips of U.S. officials and media figures who praise Vladimir Putin, but one particular conservative media host is played so often that he’s reportedly considered “practically a cohost.”

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Tucker Carlson has queried why, after he spouted pro-Putin propaganda on his Fox News show, anyone could consider him to be supportive of Russia, but the frequency of his appearances on Russian state tv might be a clue.

Here’s Julia Davis, creator of the Russian Media Monitor, appearing on MSNBC to discuss.

Why would Tucker be such a popular choice for use in Russian propaganda?

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“Because he sounds like one of the Kremlin Pundits on the Russian State television. In fact, they have described him as ‘practically one of their co-hosts.’ It’s such a perfect alignment that they barely add anything. They just air his translated monologues and very long clips…to show that even in America people side with them.”

He’s hardly the only extremist in the United States to be seen spouting anti-Ukraine and pro-invasion narratives, or statements that could be taken as such. We’ve seen elected officials do it, such as when Representative Madison Cawthorn was seen accusing the Ukrainian government of being “evil” for “pushing woke ideologies,” and of course, the former President of the United States called Putin a “genius” for claiming that his invasion of Ukraine was a “peacekeeping” mission.

Still, most of the U.S. is united across party lines in support of Ukraine — but those views aren’t exactly fodder of propaganda networks.

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