[Watch] Tucker Carlson Goes on Fishing Vacation After Head Writer Leaves for Racist Remarks

Tucker Carlson who hosts the most-watched cable news show announced on Monday night that he will be going on a “long-planned” vacation. He made the announcement after he and Fox News were blasted over the recent exposing of dead writer Blake Neff’s racist views on a far-right internet forum. Neff resigned after the publishing of a CNN report on the matter. Neff was the head writer for Tucker Carlson Tonight and Carlson has praised Neff before on-air.

Carlson ended last night’s broadcast saying, “We’re out of time — gonna spend the next four days trout-fishing. Long-planned. This is one of those years where if you don’t get it in now, you’re probably not going to.” Oliver Darcy of CNN pointed out the habit of Fox News hosts to go on vacation whenever controversy strikes. He tweeted, “Really remarkable how all these Fox News hosts coincidentally always seem to have pre-planned vacations RIGHT when they ignite controversy!”

Darcy published the report that exposed Neff who was using an undercover identity on far-right forums to spread racist, sexist, and homophobic rhetoric. Neff readily used the n-word on a regular basis with no remorse. The resignation of Neff was taken to heart by many on the far-right who took issue with conservatives not defending him. Fox News condemned Neff in a statement, although, this does not seem to have been enough for some as the network was still blasted for the incident.

Tucker Carlson Tonight is still the most-watched cable news show and there is no indication that Carlson will lose his seat at the table.

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