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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Goes Genital Electric — But Please Don’t Try To Charge Your Privates

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Goes Genital Electric — But Please Don’t Try To Charge Your Privates

Sweaty, shirtless men wrestling, lifting oversized tires, chopping wood, and apparently using Tesla chargers as testosterone refill stations — it’s not the opening of a new X-rated film (at least, as far as we can tell). It’s just Tucker Carlson, letting us know how he defines manliness.

[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Carlson is dropping a new ‘documentary’ on men, and how he believes they’re becoming less manly. One point he keeps reciting is that men’s testosterone levels are dropping, and that’s true — Forbes was telling us about it 5 years ago, though, and discussing potential causes, such as increased toxins in the environment. Kinda ironic when you consider that environmentalism is one of the things that Carlson likes to rave and rant against.

Anyway, he’s really upset about this, and the trailer for his documentary seems to depict all the ‘right’ ways to be a man, in his view. This includes pushups, shooting bottles of vegetable oil, and milking cows, along with imagery that seems to suggest refueling one’s genitals at an electric car charger on a rock formation inside a fence?

Judge for yourself below.

In case you missed the image that Carlson seems to expect his viewers to get a real charge out of, the screenshot is below.


This isn’t medical advice, and shouldn’t be taken as a substitute for medical advice (but then, neither should anything Tucker Carlson has to say), but please don’t watch this and then stick your genitals in a charger of any kind. If you’re tempted to do so, consider whether a break from right-wing media might be right for you.

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