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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Defends Trump by Calling Him a BS Artist

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Defends Trump by Calling Him a BS Artist

One thing that Donald Trump has always been able to depend on during his presidency is the support of Tucker Carlson. The Fox News host has been a stalwart defender of the President throughout all of his trials and tribulations.

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During last nights broadcast, though, Carlson defended the president in a way that was not all that flattering. While he meant the term as a compliment, the host referred to Trump as both a liar and a BS artist.

Carlson began the segment by referring to the Washington Post. The newspaper keeps a running count of Trump’s lies and the number is now up to 13,435.

The host brought up one of the president’s earliest falsehoods, that he held the largest inauguration rally ever. “We’re not going to lie to you. That was untrue,” Carlson said. “The crowd at the 2017 inauguration was not the largest ever measured on the National Mall. Sorry. It wasn’t.”

But according to the host, this is a good thing. He continued, “Why did the president claim it was? Well, because that’s who he is. Donald Trump is a salesman: A talker, a boaster, a compulsive self-promoter. At times, he’s a full-blown BS artist.”

Carlson ended the segment by mockingly saying, “Let’s just agree that Trump is a racist liar and move on. And by the way, did you know he’s up to almost 14,000 lies by now. My gosh, what a bad person he is. Unlike us.”

Watch the clip here, courtesy of Fox News:


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