Watch: Tucker Carlson Claims Virtually Everything They Told Us About the COVID Vaccine Was Wrong

The delta variant is spreading in all 50 states. The virus, however, has been hitting red states particularly hard. And as a result some personalities on the Fox News network have been urging viewers to get vaccinated.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The loudest voices on Fox, though, continue to encourage hesitancy about getting inoculated. The leader of this movement is Tucker Carlson. During his Friday night broadcast, the Fox host said that everything the CDC told us about the vaccine has been proven wrong.

Carlson was acknowledging stories that people with vaccine are still getting COVID. The CDC has been transparent that the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting, sick, that it prevents you from dying.

The host told viewers, “So you got the shot. And now, surprise, surprise, they are demanding that, even after you got the shot, you wear a mask again, even when you’re outside. What’s going on here? Why are they saying this? There’s got to be some reason for it.”

Carlson continued, “The bottom line is that a huge number of vaccinated people are getting COVID. And some of them are getting very sick, even dying. That’s true around the world. That’s true in Iceland, Gibraltar, Israel, in small countries with high vaccination rates that have seen big spikes in COVID cases.”

The personality closed, “Okay, so now we learned that virtually everything they told us about the COVID vaccine was wrong. Looks like we were right to keep asking questions.”



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