WATCH: Tucker Carlson Claims Rioters Look Like Tourists, Says 1/6 Was an ‘Inside Job’ by the FBI

Conservative media seems to think that the further away we get from January 6th, the easier it is for them to lie about the events of that day.

[Photo by Janos Kummer/Getty Images]
Tucker Carlson has been one of the chief gaslighters. The Fox network is completely unwilling to rein him in, so the conspiracy theories are just getting more and more absurd. During his Thursday night show, Carlson again tried to claim that the insurrection was an inside job carried about by the FBI.

The host told his viewers, “You don’t see people hiding bombs, or using bayonets, or firing weapons trying to take over the country with an insurrection. You see people walking around and taking pictures. They don’t look like terrorists, they look like tourists.”

Carlson continued:

“Take a look at this. It is surveillance footage showing a squad of people dressed in all black, systematically entering the Capitol and kicking open one of the exterior doors on the Senate side. These people appear to be well-trained and coordinated… The question is, who are they? And why don’t we know their names? And why aren’t they dressed like any of the other people in the footage that was just released.

Remember – and we were attacked by saying this – but we’ve already been vindicated for it. We still don’t know how many federal agents were involved in the event that day on January 6. But we have very good reason to believe from court documents that it’s a significant number.”

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