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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Claims Dead People Vote in Large Numbers in New Jersey

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Claims Dead People Vote in Large Numbers in New Jersey

Election night, nearly every year now, follows a predictable pattern. Republicans, whose support comes from smaller rural areas, have their votes counted earlier and run up a big lead. Democrats are concentrated in larger, more urban areas, so their votes take longer to count. And now vote by mail also plays a part in reporting delays.

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These delays, howver, allow Republicans and Conservative media to claim that elections are being stolen right in front of their eyes. This is the tack that Tucker Carlson took while talking about the Tuesday night race in New Jersey between Jack Ciattarelli and Phil Murphy. The Fox host went as far as telling is viewers that dead people are voting.

Carlson bloviated:

“So somewhere at the beginning of COVID, Phil Murphy, who is a finance creep and governor of New Jersey, decided to crown himself king; he is now god of New Jersey. He is up for election and that’s really a formality in New Jersey where dead people vote in large numbers. But what’s interesting is that this guy who is part of the Democratic machine might not be doing as well as he should in a state that is controlled by the Democratic machine.”

Benny Johnson, a Newsmax host with a long history of plagiarism, tweeted something along the same lines. He wrote after midnight, “They’re trying to steal it in real time and corporate news is giving them the opening.”

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